Advancing Personalized Oncology with Transcriptomic Profiling and Mechanistic Modeling



Cancer is a complex and heterogeneous disease requiring patient-specific molecular analysis to support treatment decisions. While molecular profiling using DNA-based methods is routine in precision oncology, the incorporation of transcriptomics is not yet well established in the clinic.

In this webinar, Moritz Schütte, head of next-generation sequencing data analysis at Alacris, will explore the advantages of RNA sequencing alone or in combination with whole-exome sequencing as part of a precision oncology workflow.

In addition to discussing how RNA-seq identifies molecular alterations and illuminates the tumor microenvironment, Dr. Schütte will explain how mathematical modeling of molecular data can predict drug sensitivity. Applications will be shown for metastatic melanoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How comprehensive analysis is able to detect actionable targets not accessible by panel analysis;
  • How deep transcriptome profiling gives insights into the tumor microenvironment and immune composition;
  • How transcriptome sequencing can be applied for molecular profiling of acute lymphoblastic leukemias in relapse;
  • How mechanistic modeling offers a highly complementary information layer and enables in silico testing of drug response.
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