A New Generation of PCR: At-home Testing and Preparing for Emerging Strains of COVID-19



Join Dr. Heather Fehling, Chief Scientific Officer at Clinical Reference Labs (CRL), as she provides some insights regarding the future applications of PCR testing.

CRL recently announced a partnership with Walgreens, offering consumers the convenience of self-collecting COVID-19 saliva tests in their own homes without supervision. Dr. Fehling will detail some of the ways she has been able to adapt her labs to usher in a new era of accessible PCR testing.

Accompanying Dr. Fehling will be Masen Christensen, Senior Design Engineer at Co-Diagnostics, who is responsible for ongoing in silico inclusivity and exclusivity analyses used by the CRL/Walgreens partnership and for monitoring all strains and mutations of SARS-CoV-2.

Christensen will summarize the results of these analyses and outline how to achieve high levels of specificity in saliva PCR by virtually eliminating primer-dimers and the necessity for a fluorescent probe by using the CoPrimer structure developed by Co-Diagnostics.

Attendees of this webinar will learn:

  • How Clinical Reference Labs is able to provide non-invasive and highly accurate saliva PCR tests for at-home collection.

  • The results of ongoing in silico inclusivity and exclusivity analyses on COVID-19 mutations and emerging strains.

  • How new PCR science and technology is enabling and expanding the applications and accessibility of PCR tests.

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