Configuring R&D Experiments and Molecular Workflows Such as NGS Within Your Lab



High research and development costs and low productivity due to lengthy, manual processes and the need for highly skilled individuals are some of the primary challenges faced by the biotech lab industry. As a result, labs must automate their operations as much as possible to stay profitable and ahead of the competition.

Having a powerful, flexible, and configurable workflow engine solution to address a specific lab's experiment protocols and workflow needs is crucial. In this webinar, Andrew Coffman will discuss how the lab data management solution STARLIMS — along  with genome editing technologies — was implemented in an agricultural biotech lab and used to configure R&D experiments and NGS workflows. This will be followed by an educational session with additional case studies from the pharmaceutical industry, molecular diagnostics, and other fields demonstrating the suite of STARLIMS solutions.

Sponsored by Abbott Informatics
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