Droplet Digital PCR for the Detection of Vector Copy Number in Clinical CAR/TCR Cell Products



Genetically engineered T cells have become an important therapy for B-cell malignancies. Measuring the efficiency of vector integration into the T-cell genome is critical for assessing the potency and safety of these cancer immunotherapies.

In this webinar, Dr. Ping Jin will discuss how to develop a droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) assay for assessing the average number of lentiviral and retroviral vectors integrated into chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cells.

Dr. Ping Jin’s lab is using ddPCR to measure vector copy number in several clinical CAR T cell therapies. They evaluated the specificity, sensitivity, accuracy, and precision of their assays and showed that ddPCR can reliably measure the average number of integrated vector copies into CAR T therapies. They demonstrate that ddPCR provides precise, replicable results for clinical protocols to meet FDA requirements.

Sponsored by Bio-Rad

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