GP-write 5.0 Virtual Meeting


The Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology | GP-write

The field of genome engineering is progressing at warp speed, transforming the way scientists execute large-scale genome modifications and evolution of biological function. Advances from this field are mapping vast genotypes to complex physiology and disease, enabling the reprogramming of cellular behavior, and realizing applications for gene therapy. Collectively, genome writing technologies are ushering in a new era in which precise genomic manipulation is becoming feasible across diverse organisms. The continued development of high-throughput genome editing technologies holds the promise to substantially improve our understanding of complex biological systems and to engineer novel organisms and biomolecules for improving human and environmental health.

The Genome Project-write (GP-write) Consortium has rallied around the unifying goal of re-designing and re-writing the genomes of organisms. Toward this end, since our last meeting in 2019, we have advanced plans for the Ultra-safe Cells Community Project as an internationally distributed effort. There is also a nascent Technology Launch: the GP-write Computer-Aided Design Platform for whole genome design in collaboration with Lattice Automation.

This meeting will bring together leading experts in genome editing, genome synthesis, and large-scale DNA assembly technologies to discuss cutting-edge advances in the field, featuring keynote lectures by:

  • George Church (Harvard Medical School)
  • Jennifer Doudna (UC Berkeley)
  • Emily Leproust (Twist)
  • David Liu (Harvard & The Broad Institute)
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