Resolving Brain Tissues with Spatial Transcriptomics: A Virtual Roundtable Discussion



New technologies are providing spatial context for cells and their marker genes at ever-higher scale, sensitivity, and resolution. In the brain, where cellular organization is of utmost importance, these methods are enabling researchers to ask new kinds of questions and tackle the toughest problems in biology. From creating high-level atlases to examining the role of genes in cellular processes related to diseases such as Alzheimer’s, spatial transcriptomics is ushering in a new wave of approaches in neuroscience research.  

Join us as we hear from four of the leading experts on the use of spatial transcriptomics methods in the brain. Our panelists will discuss their own work, the methods they have used, and the new possibilities available to researchers in their fields. At the end, we’ll have a live question and answer session featuring submissions from our audience.

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