The Future of Point-of-Care Testing: How Can Test Developers Meet Rising Demand for Evolving End Markets?



Point-of-care tests have been available to clinicians and consumers for decades, but more recently, molecular testing technologies that can be used at the point of care are making inroads.

For now, these molecular point-of-care tests are used largely for infectious disease testing, especially for the flu, and, more recently, COVID-19. But new technology developments are driving applications in new disease areas and end markets, including physician offices, emergency rooms, and CLIA-waived settings.

However, broad adoption of such technologies is not guaranteed. Along with ensuring high accuracy and ease of use, test developers must navigate pricing considerations, regulatory issues, and competition, not only from other molecular point-of-care tests, but also from more traditional tests.

In this roundtable discussion, industry stakeholders, including test developers and a venture capital fund, will discuss new molecular point-of-care testing technologies on the horizon, the technical challenges of developing such tests, and other challenges and opportunities ahead. 

The session will include a live Q&A in which attendees can post questions to our panelists.

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